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Association des techniques DVS-Raman pour l’analyse des hydrates

Analyseur DVS avec sonde Raman (ProUmid GmbH)

Combining the gravimetric measurement of water absorption with the chemical information obtained from Raman spectroscopy gives a very powerful technique for analysis of moisture interactions.

DVS-Raman is particularly useful in materials where several different sorption mechanisms can occur, such as foods and other biological substances, where there is complex porous structure and multiple hydration sites, or pharmaceutical formulations where detailed knowledge of hydrate states is important.

The multisample SPS instruments from ProUmid GmbH are very well suited to Raman spectroscopy: the sample is supported from below, allowing a direct optical path to the material surface, with no absorption by the sample holder. In addition, the SPS systems can follow the sorption process in up to 23 samples for the SPS-23 and SPS-x instruments

The benchtop IGAsorp instrument from Hiden Isochema Ltd can also be adapted for Raman spectrometry.

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