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Plasma Treatment : processes and equipment from Henniker Plasma Ltd

Henniker makes a range of plasma sources, programmable to suit your application, backed up by a rapid and reactive application support team who can select and configure the process to meet your requirements.

Henniker systems give full control of process parameters protocols, with programmable plasma power supply, flow controlled feed gas or vapour, and process interlocks.

  • CIRRUS and NIMBUS standalone plasma torch systems for inline atmospheric plasma treatment
    • In-line marking, printing, and adhesion to extruded plastics.
    • Point or area treatment.
    • Can be robot controlled for high-automation production.
  • HPT and NEBULA Plasma chambers for vacuum processing
    • Multiple models, with a range of sizes, different workpiece mounting and systems.

The applications are endless:

  • Surface cleaning and degreasing by inert or reactive plasma
  • Contact angle engineering - increasing adhesion to polymer, glass, and ceramics
  • Printing ink and paint wetting and adhesion
  • Adhesion of glues, removal of weak boundary layers and surface films
  • Surface activation
  • Chemical functionalisation - molecular grafting
  • Increase wetting or change selectivity of filter materials

For more information, or if you would like to discuss your application, please contact Mercer Instruments by mail or telephone.

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