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Instruments for Dynamic Vapour Sorption analysis

We propose several different instruments for DVS measurements.

The IGAsorp series from Hiden Isochema

In addition to high precision DVS analysis, the IGAsorp has several versions and options allowing:

  • Dynamic Vapour Sorption measurements at sample temperatures up to 300 °C
  • Organic vapour studies
  • Drying studies up to 350 °C

Multisample DVS water sorption instruments from ProUmid GmbH

High precision, high throughput SPS instruments

The SPS series instruments are available in several versions for different applications.

According to configuration, they allow simultaneous moisture DVS measurements:

  • of up to 23 samples, for maximum throughput,
  • measurement precision down to 0.1 µg, or
  • sample sizes up to 200 g can be accommodated.

Affordable Vsorp multisample DVS

For routine measurements within a more restricted range of sample environment parameters, the Vsorp multisample instruments offer a very attractive solution for high-throughput DVS analysis.

IGA series

Additionally, several versions of the [Hiden Isochema IGA series](Isochema/IGA-series.html have options to enable dynamic vapour sorption measurements, as well as special adaptations for vacuum pretreatments, multiple vapour measurements, high and low temperature capabilities, etc.

Static Vapour Sorption

In some applications, it is more interesting to measure Static vapour sorption.

The Hiden Isochema IGA instruments mentioned above are able to perform Static Gravimetric sorption with pure vapours.

Additionally, the BELSORP-maxX from Microtrac-MRB measures high precision vapour sorption by the Volumetric or Manometric method, with options for full anticondensation protection up to 70 °C.

More information

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