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Hydrogen Storage Materials - instruments for sorption analysis

There is a continued and sustained interest in using Hydrogen as a clean energy vector. This has resulted in the search for materials which can hold large quantities of Hydrogen in a trapped state, which can be safely and slowly released as required.

Research into these Hydrogen Storage Materials creates a need for high quality, reliable measurements of hydrogen storage capacity and release kinetics. Hiden has extensive experience in this area supplying instrument over the last 20 years. Three methods are commonly used to assess hydrogen storage properties: Gravimetric, Manometric and Thermal Desorption measurements. Hiden Isochema offers instruments covering all three methods, as detailed below.

IGA-001 for Gravimetric Hydrogen Sorption Analysis

Since its origin, in hydrogen sorption research, the IGA-001 gas sorption analyser has provided the highest quality sorption isotherms and kinetic data, in laboratories around the world.

Gravimetry is the method of choice for many of the materials of commercial interest, and the IGA-001 is perfectly adapted to research into materials for hydrogen storage.

XEMIS for High pressure gravimetric Analysis

The XEMIS sorption balance extends the operating range of the IGA-001 to allow measurements up to 200 bar (20 MPa).

Gas sorption analysis by Sieverts’ volumetric method

IMI Manometric Sieverts’ method apparatus extends storage characterisation beyond the effective high pressure limit of gravimetric techniques, allowing studies to be made at pressures up to 200 bars.

Thermal Desorption analysis

The IMI-FLOW Thermal Desorption Analyser meets a specific need in Hydrogen Storage material characterisation. The extreme precision available makes possible accurate sorption measurements on samples as small as a few milligrams. Temperature programmed desorption provides valuable information about the energetics of sorption. Additionally, mass spectrometric quantification permits absolute assurance that measured sorption is truly due to hydrogen. Preferential sorption of contaminants or impurities has led to many false trails in sorption science.

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