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IMI-FLOW: Gas Sorption measurements by Dynamic sorption and thermal desorption

IMI instrument with integrated reactor option


In addition to all the features of the IMI Manometric systems, IMI-Flow permits measurements and sample treatments using flowing gas.

  • Multiple flow controlled gas inputs
  • Automatic gas species selection
  • Variable composition mixed gas experiments
  • Integration of Hiden Analytical Mass spectrometer with synchronised data acquisition
  • Extremely high sensitivity available from Mass spectrometric determination
    • Measurement of sorption capacity on milligram sized samples
    • Desorption of trace impurities
  • Sequential manometry, thermal desorption

Schematic of the instrument during IMI-FLOW operation

The layout of an IMI-FLOW instrument during flowing operation.

During Manometric measurements the system operates as the IMI.

Experimental Methods

  • Isotherm mapping of tiny samples (few mg) by sorption/flash desorption
  • Hydrogen storage capacity
  • Temperature Programmed Desorption (TPD)
  • Thermal Desorption Spectrometry (TDS)
  • Cyclic stability
  • In Situ activation and degas
  • Breakthrough curve determination
  • Temperature Programmed reaction studies (TPO/TPR)
  • PCT measurements
  • Sorption enthalpy determination
  • Kinetics

Application Areas

  • Metal Hydrides
  • Gas separation and purification
  • High pressure catalysis and catalyst deactivation
  • Gas separation and exchange reactions
  • Isotope exchange, e.g. Steady State Isotopic Transient Kinetic Analysis (SSITKA)
  • Adsorption on porous materials
  • Energy gas storage
  • Catalysis

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