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IMI systems for high pressure manometric gas adsorption measurements

IMI instrument with integrated reactor option

IMI is a flexible platform for gas sorption analysis. Based on the manometric Sieverts method, the IMI features many possibilities for novel and unique approaches to the measurement of gas adsorption/absorption properties of materials.

As an evolution of our successful HTP systems, the IMI is based on several fundamental principles :

  • Modular, fully upgradable design
  • Careful design of system volumes and thermostatting for maximum sensitivity and accuracy, even with the smallest samples.
  • Highly flexible configuration of experiments
  • Unrivalled safety features
  • Wide range of options for :
    • pressure and temperature control,
    • multiple reference volumes,
    • a variety of reactor configurations,
    • flow-controlled Dynamic experiments,
    • fully integrated mass spectrometry.

Experimental Methods

  • Sieverts method
    • for gas sorption and desorption isotherm determination
    • kinetic data
    • configurable equilibration times and endpoint criteria
  • Automatic PCT mapping
  • Automated sequences and cycling of pressure and temperature for sample pretreatment and activation
  • Dynamic and Flowing Methods with IMI-FLOW options :
    • Dynamic sample treatments,
    • Volumetric kinetic measurement,
    • Thermal desorption analysis, TPD,
    • Thermal desorption-Mass spectrometry, etc.


Specifications depend on the configuration of a particular instrument, but a typical system might offer the following characteristics.

  • Pressure : 0 to 200 bar (0 to 20 MPa)
  • Temperature : 77 K to 773 K ( −196 °C to 500 °C)
  • Sample volumes from 1 to 10cc
  • Sample sizes few mg to 10’s of grams
  • Typical gases : H2, CO2, CH4, N2, Ar etc

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Pressure, Temperature and Reactor options

  • Gas supply and pressure measurement options
    • Standard 100 bar pressure range.
    • 2 mbar to 200 bar options
    • Multiple dosing volume options (10 cc to 1 litre)
    • Multiple gas inputs
    • High vacuum in-situ degas with integrated turbo pumping
  • Sample Cell/Reactor and temperature control options
    • Reactor with integrated heater and optional cooling (cryogen or waterbath circulation).
    • Removable cell for loading in a glovebox
    • Cryogen immersion sample cell.
    • Tube furnace
    • Standard reactor sizes of 1 cc, 10 cc.
    • Remote and custom reactor options availble for special applications.
  • Dynamic and Mass spectrometry
    • Flow controllers for dynamic measurements
    • Through-path sample reactors.
    • Fully integrated Mass spectrometer (both hardware and software)

Safety features

  • Minimal pressurised volume to limit stored energy, and gas hazard.
  • Permanently connected overpressure protection.
  • Automatic reactor integrity check after sample loading.
  • Leak detector interface and options for automatic system shutdown.
  • Fully compliant with the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)

Several basic configurations are proposed, each of which responds to a basic application type. All IMI systems can be enhanced with optional features to respond to your specific needs :

  • IMI-HTP for high pressure manometric analysis
  • IMI-PSI with adaptions for porous materials characterisation
  • IMI-FLOW systems with multistream dynamic flow and integrated mass spectrometry

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For further information, or if you would like to discuss your application, please contact us.

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