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Gas sorption

0-1 bar volumetric

0 - 20 bar microbalance

0 - 200 bar

Vapour sorption

Pure Vapour

Dynamic Vapour Sorption DVS

Dynamic Organics sorption

Volumetric Vapour sorption

Catalyst characterisation and Chemisorption

Flowing gases and mixtures for reactivity measurement

Sorption of Flowing Mixtures

Breakthrough gas/vapour

Flowing mixed gas/vapour

Materials characterisation

BET surface area, Mesopore and gas sorption

  • BELSORP-maxX Volumetric high precision: physisorption, chemisorption
  • BELSORP-miniX Volumetric, high throughput, physisorption


Micropore measurements

Gas pycnometry & density

  • BEL-Pycno : Gas pycnometry for true density measurement.

Climate regulation

Humidity regulation

Humidity controlled climate

Mass spectrometry, gas analysis, plasma measurements

Gas analysis

Plasma analysis


Mercer Instruments specialises in the supply and support of scientific instruments for measurements of sorption, and characterisation of pore size and surface area.
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