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Plasma analysis for industry and research

ESPion Langmuir Probe

An advanced langmuir probe system for plasma diagnostics and mapping. Particularly suited to RF plasma, pulsed plasma and time-resolved plasma characterisation. For measurement of Ion and electron densities, electron temperature , EEDF, plasma potential, floating potential, debye length, etc.

Mass and Energy analysis

The EQP series of Mass-energy analysers for complete characterisation of plasma species. The combination of electrostatic analyser with a quadrupole mass spectrometer and tunable ionisation source can analyse positive and negative ions, neutrals and radicals from plasma processes.

Plasma process monitoring

Ion Milling Probe - Endpoint detectors (IMP) detects endpoint with the greatest sensitivity, and measures target purity, gas composition, vacuum leak detection.

PSM series of plasma sampling mass spectrometers for vacuum deposition, ablation and etching process monitoring.

Also, the HPR-30 process gas analyser is designed for measurement and control of plasma process gas parameters. A particular application is in feedback control of plasma coating processes with reactive gas species.

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