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advancing sorption science
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BEL instruments for sorption measurement

BEL instruments are designed and manufactured in Japan by MicrotracBEL inc. The BEL company has a long history of creating innovative, reliable, and high perfomance sorption measuring devices.

Physisorption measurements for Surface Area and Porosimetry

Multiple-sample sorption analysers, based around the patented AFSM™ method, giving best-of-class repeatability and accuracy.

  • BELSORP-max II: High performance, adaptable, and reliable sorption measurements for :
    • BET analysis, SSA, surface area,
    • Porosity, PSD, pore size distribution,
    • Microporosity, mesoporosity, powders, catalysts
    • Innovative design for the most accurate sorption measurements.
    • 3 samples in high accuracy AFSM™ mode
    • Versatile and upgradable platform with a variety of options for low area, low pressure, variable temperatures, vapours.
  • BELSORP-miniX : High speed gas sorption measurement with a variety of gases, for Surface area and porosity analysis
    • BET analysis, mesopore distributions,
    • Up to 4 samples.
    • Optimised for high throughput, with many features found in higher performance instruments.
  • BELSORP-MR1 and BELSORP-MR1 : High throughput single and multi-point BET analysis by the flowing dynamic method.
    • BET analysis
    • Simultaneous pretreatment and analysis.

Chemisorption analysis

  • BELCAT II: Pulsed chemisorption, continuous flow.
    • TPO, TPR, TPD : oxidation, reduction, reaction, desorption.
    • Fully Automated flowing and pulsed chemisorption.
  • BELmetal II : Metal surface area analysis of catalyst materials.

Density Measurement by gas pycnometry

  • BEL-Pycno: Automatic helium pycnometry for determination of true density.

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