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The BELSORP-max II sorption platform

BELSORP-max II - multiple sample high precision sorption measurements.

BELSORP-max II is engineered in Japan by Microtrac‑BEL for the fastest, highest precision and most accurate sorption measurements on multiple samples.

BELSORP-max II is perfectly adapted for:

  • Surface area by traditional (BET) or advanced methods.
  • Nano-, micro- and meso-porosity analysis.
  • Low pressure micropore measurements.
  • Very low surface area and thin film analyses using krypton gas.
  • High precision sorption analysis, isotherm measurement, hysteresis analysis


Accurate physisorption measurement

  • Temperature stabilised gas manifold as standard.
  • The Advanced Free Space Measurement ™ (AFSM) gives the best baseline and accuracy.
  • Very low starting pressure for ultramicropore analysis - sensors down to 13 Pa ( 0.1 Torr ) as an option
  • In-situ high temperature degassing option, for best reproducibility. Also allows re-activation of sample for repeat testing. Complements our independent degassing units


  • Easy to use software - makes it difficult to make mistakes, even for beginners.
  • Built-in self diagnostic tests to verify correct functioning

Fast measurements

  • Up to 3 simultaneous high precision measurements. (4 for rapid BET/mesopore analysis).
  • GDO : Gas Dosing Optimisation - allows the instrument to learn optimal settings based on previous sample results.
  • Enhanced vacuum conductance for low pressure outgas

Flexible and upgradable

  • 3.6 litre dewar supplied as standard, for up to 90 hour autonomy at 77 K.
  • Multiple temperature control devices available for different temperature regimes.
  • Fully automatic, unattended, degas + measurement.
  • Multiple software-selectable gas inputs (up to 12)
  • Offers simple upgrade path as your requirements change:
  • Upgrades of analysis ports for low pressures
  • Vapour sorption option


Full version BELSORP-maxII instrument control software is supplied for measurement, configuration and test.

Provides 3 ways to configure measurements :

  • Simple mode : minimal configuration for ease of use.
  • Intelligent mode : give the instrument data for a similar sample, to allow automatic optimisation of operation. Fastest possible measurement times.
  • Professional mode : the user has full control of every aspect of the sorption measurement.

Separate BELMaster Data Analysis software runs independently on multiple computers. The comprehensive library of data analysis models includes all common traditional models for data analysis and treatment.

  • Surface area (single and multi-point B.E.T., Langmuir, STSA, t-plot, alpha-s, DR),
  • Pore size (BJH, DH, DA, MP, HK, SF) with their corresponding surface area values,
  • Heats of adsorption,
  • Fractal Dimension analysis
  • BELMaster also includes NLDFT, GCMC simulation for pore size fitting.

Sample pretreatment

We have a range of options for sample preparation and degassing, including both in-situ and independent devices, manual and automatic. Please contact us for details.

You might also like our BELSORP mini X instrument, for high speed sorption measurements.

For more information, please send us a message from our contact page , or see our details below.

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