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Gas analysers for industry and research

We offer a full range of gas analysers, covering a huge variety of applications.

  • Residual gas analysers, for vacuum characterisation, vacuum leak detection, vacuum quality, outgassing studies, vacuum monitoring, thermal decomposition
  • Process gas analysers, for direct measurement and control of process gas composition and detection of contamination in vacuum processes. The ability to monitor gas composition up to 1 mbar has applications in CVD, PECVD, RIE, LPCVD, MOCVD, Vacuum Coating, Plasma Etching, Sputter Deposition, magnetron sputtering, reactive magnetron sputtering.
  • Atmospheric gas analysers, for real time monitoring of gas and vapour composition at ambient pressures. Chemical reaction endpoint monitoring, headspace gas analysis, Thermal analysis (TGA-MS) and evolved gas analysis, Chemical vapour deposition (CVD), Environmental monitoring, fuel cell characterisation.
  • Dissolved gas analyser for measurement of dissolved gas species in liquid samples.
  • Options for analysis up to 30 Atmospheres (30 Bar), gas flow switching systems for multi-stream analysis.
  • Retrofit options for Thermogravimetric systems (TG-MS, TGA-MS) to allow evolved gas analysis on existing TG systems.
  • Integrated systems for specialist applications: for example; Multiple cell permeation test apparatus, XBS flux monitor for MBE applications, desorption analysers, SIMS workbench for surface analysis, LoMASS spectrometers for Hydrogen Isotope detection.

If you would like to discuss your application, please contact us.

Mercer Instruments specialises in the supply and support of scientific instruments for measurements of sorption, and characterisation of pore size and surface area.
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