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Dissolved species analysis by Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometry

Dissolved gas analysis in a biological sample.

The HPR-40 DSA provides real-time analysis of dissolved gases in aqueous solutions. Gases and vapours diffuse out of the liquid phase across a polymer membrane and are sampled by a mass spectrometer gas analyser.

Features of the HPR-40 family of DSA systems include:

  • A flexible MIMS system with a variety of sampling configurations including a direct insertion probe, continuous flow cells and options for integrated fluid agitation.
  • Low gas consumption with static sampling
  • Dynamic gas sampling with continuous flow
  • Multiport inlet manifold for simultaneous online measurement of several samples
  • High sensitivity quadrupole mass spectrometer detection of gas species.
  • Continuous data acquisition for real time analysis

Some typical application areas:

  • Dimethyl Sulphide (DMS) in seawater
  • Respiration and metabolic studies of aquatic organisms
  • Pollution studies in lakes, rivers and estuary waters
  • Peat and soil core analysis
  • Fermentation monitoring and aeration control
  • Environmental monitoring.

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