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advancing sorption science

ProUmid GmbH : Instruments for moisture sorption

ProUmid GmbH, formerly called Projekt Messtechnik, proposes a range of multisample DVS analysers for high-throughput Moisture Sorption measurements.

Additionally, the humidity regulation technology is available in the MHG series humidity generators.

Vsorp and SPS Multisample DVS instruments for moisture sorption analysis

Simultaneous DVS vapour sorption measurement of 11 samples : the SPS11 multisample instrument from ProUmid GmbH
Simultaneous DVS vapour sorption measurement of 11 samples : the SPS11 multisample instrument from ProUmid GmbH

Faster DVS : more useful DVS

For many materials, moisture sorption is slow. Sometimes it is possible to decrease the dimension of the sample, to obtain a small improvement in the measurement time for a single sample.

The SPS solution is to measure multiple samples, in a single chamber, in parallel : this gives more data in the same time.

Additionally, the risk of instrumental drift is eliminated, allowing simultaneous comparison of samples, which would be impossible with sequential measurements. It is even possible to incorporate a reference material or a witness sample as an insitu verification, giving ultimate confidence.

Parallel Dynamic Vapour Sorption measurement for maximum throughput

  • Simultaneous DVS analysis of up to 23 samples
  • Large area sample containers - thin layers of sample for faster equilibration
  • Small samples down to a few milligrams - precise measurements down to 100 ng resolution
  • Large volumes - for whole objects, packaging, representative samples of large granules
  • Large sample weight capacity - up to over 200 g for monolith and whole-product analysis
  • Options for permeability measurements, photographic, Raman analysis.

Two families of instruments - a single goal

The different models cover a huge range of applications. All of these instruments give parallel measurements of sorption kinetics and isotherm data for several samples.

Additional features include :

MHG : Modular Humidity Generator systems

Modular Humidity Generator MHG32 from ProUmid GmbH

The MHG-32 and MHG-100 Modular Humidity Generators allow high precision humidity control in external chambers and enclosures, from a few millilitres to 300 litres or more.

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