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SPS instruments for multisample moisture sorption from ProUmid

Parallel DVS measurements for higher throughput

SPSx-11 multisample DVS moisture vapour sorption instrument from ProUmid GmbH

The SPS Solution resolves the fundamental problem of DVS measurements : the materials of interest absorb water slowly.

The only way around the kinetic limitation of Dynamic Vapour Sorption is to measure more samples at the same time. This is what the SPS Solution offers.

The SPS solution

The SPS series instruments, from ProUmid GmbH, are multisample Gravimetric Sorption Analysers.

All of the samples are maintained in a temperature and humidity controlled chamber, and each sample is repeatedly weighed using a high precision microbalance.

  • Simultaneous DVS measurements on up to 23 samples.
  • Five months becomes one week.
  • High throughput, up to 23× as much data
    • Faster results
    • For slow samples with long time constants,
    • For long term studies, ageing, stability…
    • For Quality Assurance,
    • For rapid screening,

Measurement in parallel of a full batch of samples gives improved laboratory efficiency and greater analysis capability. Results are available when they are needed.

  • Perfect comparability within a sample run
    • Identical measurement conditions for all samples.
    • No inter-sample effect from instrument drift within a run.
    • For product development, screening

For comparison of DVS between different samples, there is no better way.

Additional non-weighed sample positions allow conditioning of material for alternative analysis techniques.

SPS High-Throughput Gravimetric Vapour Sorption for :

  • Foods and packaging
  • Pharmaceutical, excipients and formulations
  • Building materials and minerals
  • Polymers, composites, fillers
  • Paper and packaging
  • Powders, ceramics, metallurgical materials
  • Deliquescent and hygroscopic materials
  • Screening and Materials comparison under identical conditions
  • Quality Assurance

SPS Simultaneous sample inspection and DVS-Raman analysis

A camera is mounted above the sample platen of the SPSx DVS instrument

The SPS multisample configuration is especially well suited to allow direct access of other probes. For example:

SPS-Camera: Interfacing of a computer controlled camera allows automated photography for tracking visual changes of each sample.

Non-contact DVS-Raman spectrometer: for simultaneous DVS-Raman spectrometry allowing chemical analysis of the water-sample interactions.

SPS Permeability

The large available sample surface area is extremely well suited to moisture permeability and MVTR measurements of polymer membranes, using a special membrane carrier cell or Payne permeability cup.

The SPS series instruments include :

For more information :

For less demanding applications, you may also be interested in the Vsorp range of instruments.

If you would like to discuss your application, please contact us.

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