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ProUmid GmbH: SPSx high capacity multisample moisture sorption analyser

 GVS of rice grains with SPSx.

The SPSx instrument is a multisample Gravimetric Sorption Analyser, capable of simultaneous measurement of DVS isotherms on up to 23 samples.

SPSx is the most flexible member of the full range of DVS analysers from ProUmid GmbH.

For each experiment, the user can choose between two different measurement caroussels:

  • 11 samples up to 50 mm diameter, for representative sampling of materials with large granules or low homogeneity, or
  • 23 samples up to 30 mm diameter, for maximum precision and weighing resolution, and for maximum throughput.

Both options are supplied with each SPSx instrument.

Simultaneous measurement of all samples proceeds in parallel, with successive weighing of each sample pan, and automatic programming of temperature and humidity. Progression from one humidity to the next can occur at fixed time delays, or when all samples have reached equilibrium.

Temperatures can be programmed from 5 °C to 60 °C. Humidity is controlled from Dry to 98% RH at temperatures close to ambient, with a lowered maximum value at higher temperatures.

Different microbalance options are available, according to the required measurement precision and sample weight. Versions are available for up to 200 g maximum load, and for weight resolution down to 1 µg for small samples.

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