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IGA Gravimetric analysers for Sorption Analysis

 Gravimetric sorption analysis with IGA series.
Gravimetric sorption analysis with IGA series.

IGA instruments are widely used in both research and industry for gravimetric measurements of gas and vapour sorption.

A modular and upgradable design with many options and accessories allows measurements over a broad range of pressures and temperatures.


  • A stainless steel UHV-compatible pressure vessel houses a sensitive microbalance, with maximum load of 5 grams and resolution of 0.1 µg.
  • Multiple pressure sensors, according to the application, from 2 mbar to 20 bar. Feedback regulation of pressure over the full range.
  • Temperature control from 77 K to 1273 K with a range of different thermostat and reactor types.
  • Continuous measurement of sample weight, pressure, temperature, with full data logging, and adaptive IGA method endpoint detection of sample equilibration.
  • Compatible with a wide range of gases and vapours.

Measurement of:

  • Sorption isotherm measurement and PCT mapping. Sorption capacity or uptake, gas solubility.
  • Sorption kinetic data for diffusion and transport.
  • Differential Heat of sorption, Differential Entropy of Sorption (van ’t Hoff analysis)
  • In-situ degassing and activation treatments, with continuous data monitoring.

Base systems:

Each of these systems can be adapted with a range of options and accessories:

  • Vacuum pumps and additional pressure sensors for gases and pure vapours
  • Thermostats for cryogenic, near-ambient and elevated temperatures. Options for simple isothermal operations and for precise temperature ramping.
  • Additional pressure sensors and flow regulation. Liquid bubblers and humidifiers for volatile liquid vapours.
  • In-situ mass spectrometry.

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