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IGA-002 for Gas and Vapour Sorption

 View of the IGA-002 from Hiden Isochema.
View of the IGA-002 from Hiden Isochema.

The IGA-002 extends the possibilities of the IGA-001 to permit high resolution measurements of sorption of both gases and vapours.

Some typical applications include…

  • Foods, Packaging and Polymers
  • Water vapour sorption
  • Flavouring interactions
  • Gas and vapour solubility and diffusivity for permeability assessment
  • Solvent evaporation kinetics
  • Sorbate induced plasticisation

  • Microporous materials, zeolites and carbons
  • Water and hydrocarbon interactions
  • Sorption isotherms
  • Molecular sieves, separation and selectivity
  • Diffusion coefficients and kinetics
  • Pore size determination

  • Novel materials
  • Ionic Liquids - Vapour and Gas solubility
  • Metal-Organic Frameworks - designer kinetics
  • Network Polymers - porosity characterisation
  • Directed Synthesis Zeolites - adsorption selectivity analysis

Other possibilities for studying vapour sorption include

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