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IGA-001 for Gravimetric Gas Sorption analysis

 Hydrogen storage with IGA-001.
Hydrogen storage with IGA-001.

The IGA-001 is the original member of the IGA series of vacuum microbalance systems for high resolution measurements of gas sorption over a wide range of pressures and temperatures. The gravimetric sorption method, with real-time kinetic analysis provides unique information about sorption processes and phenomena.

The IGA-001 is used in a wide range of different industries and research fields, for characterisation of porous and non-porous materials.

Some typical applications for the IGA-001 include…

Sorption capacity and kinetics for:

  • Sorption isotherms for a wide range of gases
  • Isotherm mapping and PCT measurements up to 20 bar
  • Gas solubility
  • Kinetics, Transport and Diffusion coefficients
  • Differential Heat of sorption, Differential Entropy of Sorption


  • Physisorption isotherms for a wide range of gases.
  • BET Specific Surface Area and porosity (N2, CO2, or other gases)
  • Sorption capacity
  • Sorption thermodynamics
  • Diffusion analysis
  • In Situ degas/activation

Hydrogen Storage:

  • PCT mapping (Pressure-Composition-Temperature)
  • PCI measurement (Pressure-Composition Isotherms)
  • Hydriding kinetics
  • Phase Transition analysis
  • Hydrogen storage capacity
  • Cyclic stability
  • Hydrogen diffusion coefficient
  • In Situ activation


  • Many options are available for IGA-001 :
    • enhanced pressure ranges
    • temperature controllers, furnaces, waterbaths, cryogenics - allowing measurements over a broad range of pressures and temperatures.
  • Upgrade to IGA-002 configuration for static vapour sorption
  • Upgrade for Dynamic Vapour Sorption
  • Mixed gas experiments
  • Temperature-programmed methods, such as TPD/TPR, etc.
  • Mass spectrometry for reaction product analysis.

Some related possibilities include:

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