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IGAsorp DVS Moisture Sorption Analyser

The Hiden Isochema IGAsorp Dynamic Vapour Sorption (DVS) instrument.

The IGAsorp is a fully programmable bench-top Dynamic Vapour Sorption instrument, for the DVS characterisation of products with respect to temperature and humidity environments.

It is used to study water sorption at atmospheric pressure by passing a humidified stream of gas over the sample, using a high precision gravimetric measurement to determine the degree of vapour sorption.

The IGAsorp can be applied to a wide range of studies from fundamental research to routine quality assurance/control.


Isothermal studies can be performed as a function of humidity (0-98%) in the temperature range 5 °C to 50 °C for the standard instrument. The sample can range from milligrams to several grams.

For higher temperatures, there are two extended versions of the IGAsorp :

  • the IGAsorp CT which extends the range for sorption measurements up to 85 °C.
  • the IGAsorp XT can measure up to 300 °C, and which gives increased humidity resolution at low HR values.

These versions are also compatible with the internal sample heater, which allows drying studies up to 350 °C.


The Dynamic Vapour Sorption technique (or DVS) allows measurement of the moisture interaction at ambient pressure, and is used for analysis of a wide range of materials.

Some typical applications of the IGAsorp are:

Moisture Uptake Characterisation Vapour Sorption isotherms
Amorphous Phase Detection Drying and Rehydration rates
Hydrate Analysis Surface Energy Determination
Permeability and Diffusivity Cyclic/lifetime studies
Adsorption capacity and kinetics MVTR or WVTR measurement
Pharmaceuticals Foods
Packaging Encapsulation of electronic devices
Cosmetics Textiles
Polymer membranes Permeation and permeability
Electronic components Desiccants
Ceramics and geological samples Building materials and cements


  • Integrated heater: permits drying studies and thermal desorption experiments up to 350 °C, with temperature ramps and thermal profiling.
  • IGAsorp CT version allows DVS up to 85 °C, for porous materials, polymer membrane, accelerated testing and ageing studies, and many other applications.
  • IGAsorp XT version allows high temperature DVS measurements up to 300 °C, with a limit of 500 mbar H2O.
  • Membrane permeation cell which allows MVTR/WVTR measurements on polymer films.
  • Organic vapour upgrade permits measurements with vapours of volatile organic compounds.
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software is also available.

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