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ABR Advanced Breakthrough Reactor systems for gas separation and selectivity measurements

The ABR sorbent characterisation system from Hiden Isochema (Standalone configuration).

Breakthrough measurements allow rapid characterisation of materials under conditions which relate directly to typical static-bed applications, such as separation and filtering.

The ABR standard configuration is sized for small amounts of sorbent material, for selectivity studies of newly synthesised porous materials, although the dimensions can be adapted to specific requirements.

Multiple flow controllers allow gas mixing to obtain breakthrough and exchange curves at different input compositions. Options for vapour and gas/vapour mixtures are also available.

The temperature controlled reactor is integrated with a specially designed close-coupled gas sampling capillary to eliminate dead-volume effects between the sorbent bed and the gas analyser.

A quadrupole mass spectrometer from Hiden Analytical allows high speed measurement of the column effluent gas composition, include trace and impurity levels down to below ppm levels.

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