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advancing sorption science

High pressure gas sorption analysis by manometry with IMI-HTP

Hydrogen storage with IGA-001
  • Standard reactor with integrated heater to 500 °C
  • Up to 200 bar operation

Typical Options

  • Remote reactor options (for in-situ XRay, Neutron Diffraction, Spectroscopy, etc)
  • Removable reactors for loading of air-sensitive samples in a glovebox
  • Cryocooling and Waterbath options


  • Isotherm determination
  • PCT measurements
  • Sorption enthalpy determination
  • Kinetics
  • Adsorption on porous materials
  • Hydrogen storage
  • Metal Hydrides
  • Energy gas storage

See also

IMI-FLOW for flowing TPD, thermal desorption, etc.

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